*Prin completarea acestui formular va dati acordul ca datele dumneavoastra de contact sa fie utilizate si in alte comunicari de informare Star Storage. Pentru informatii suplimentare consultati sectiunea Protectia Datelor Personale

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<div class="personal-box"> @{ string productId = Dynamicweb.Base.Request("ProdID"); var product = Dynamicweb.eCommerce.Products.Product.GetProductByID(productId); string name = ""; string teaser = ""; string description = ""; string image = ""; string price = ""; double tmp = 0; if (product != null){ name = product.Name; teaser = product.ShortDescription; description = product.LongDescription; image = product.ImageSmall; price = product.Price.ToString(); /* foreach (var tmpObj in product.GetType().GetProperties()){ @:@tmpObj <br /> } */ } } <img src="/Files/@image" alt="@name" /> <h3>@name</h3> <div>@teaser </div> <div>@Translate("nowFrom", "Now from") <span style="font-size:18px;">@product.DefaultPrice EUR</span> /@Translate("perUser", "per user /per month"),</div> <div>@description</div> </div>